The History of Nile Lodge

Captain and Commander William Hutchinson, of Nelson fleet, built a home on the shores of Galway Bay echoing the design of the bridge of a ship.

Old picture of stables

In 1798 Admiral Nelson defeated Napoleon's fleet at the Battle of the Nile. Returning from the turbulence of war, one of Nelson's officers, Commander William Hutchinson, in that conflict built a home echoing the design of the bridge of a ship and he chose the mediaeval city of Galway. Completed in 1807, he named it Nile Lodge. The house is one of the most famous in the city and actually gave its name to the crossroads nearby.

The sea used to come in near the house until the construction of Grattan Road in 1860. Now the sea is a 4 minute walk.


Commander William Hutchinson

The Victory, part of Nelson's fleet

The Victory, part of Nelson's fleet

Nile Lodge was built by a Commander William Hutchinson who served as a commissioned officer in Nelsons Navy. Although born in England he chose the west coast of Ireland to build a home on the shores of Galway bay, located to the west side of the medieval city of Galway.

William Hutchinson s life and times are fascinating. He entered the Royal Navy in August 1790 rated able seaman on board HMS Nassau. He quickly rose through the ranks serving on HMS Bellerophon as Masters Mate and Acting First Lieutenant.

Hutchinson was made full lieutenant in 1805. In 1809 he Commanded Nelsons ship Brevdrageren followed by many small vessels. In 1920 he was given Command of The Plumper gun-brig .The plumper was 70ft long and carried 50 men, 2x6 pdr. cannon and 10x18 cannonades. While Commander he was reprimanded for waking the townspeople of Galway by firing off cannon in Galway Bay (on one occasion to celebrate the birth of his friends son).

He was appointed to The Victory (the ship on which Nelson so famously died) while it was acting as a guard ship in Portsmouth, England. In 1843 he was put on half pay and in 1851 was made Captain. The Victory has been restored and is a major tourist attraction for Nelson history enthusiasts.

He died in 1855 leaving Nile Lodge to his son Captain William Hutchinson junior.

Ireland has a history of producing great sailors and Irishmen were chosen to make up one third of Nelsons crew.

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